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Personal Finance & Entrepreneurship

Budgeting, Investing, & Business Pitches

Competitions, Events, Simulations, Courses & Lessons

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Northumberland National Bank officials, Mr. J. Todd Troxell, President & CEO & Mr. J. Donald Steele, Chairman of the Board are honored to support these schools.

All Eastern Northumberland County schools are invited to participate in the elementary, middle, or high school competitions.

Current Quarter and Semester Game Dates


In the Spring, we celebrate with special County prizes for Middle School & High School  competitions  


E. Northumberland County Spring Full Semester Prizes

Top Middle & High School Wins: *

First Place - $100 - top game, $60 teacher

Second Place - $50 game, $40 teacher

Third Place - $30 game, $30 teacher

**Must be active games, no cash only portfolios​.  One prize per school. 

Entrepreneurship Prizes:

Scholarships and more!

Click here to view prize details

Leaders' Board - Spring 2024
Special funding for our programs has been made available for Eastern Northumberland County Schools and more thanks to the following sponsors:
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Our sponsored Personal Finance Lab includes both a Personal Budgeting Game and an Investing Challenge. 


The Budget Game simulates the experience of students living on their own while managing their bills, credit cards & finances. The game plays out 18-months but takes about 6-hours real time to complete.


The Investing Challenge offers students the opportunity to manage a hypothetical $100,000 portfolio by investing in stocks chosen from the American, New York and NASDAQ exchanges with live market data.

Our Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition is a business plan challenge that jump-starts minds and encourages critical thinking. Students practice the skills necessary for writing a successful business plan; written and oral communication; math proficiency; economic understanding; technological competence; business aptitude.


Our competitions teach students budgeting, investing and other financial literacy skills through hands-on learning activities in the classroom.  For more information on our partnership with these sponsors, click to view the full press release.

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Sponsored Schools

 The schools invited to participate are Line Mountain, Lourdes Regional, Mount Carmel Area, Shamokin Area School Districts along with other schools in Pennsylvania.    

If you are ready to create a sponsorship relationship which exceeds your goals and gives you the chance to become a part of our growing, passionate organization, contact us at or call 570-975-5149.

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