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Our nonprofit organization is passionate about teaching young people solid financial management skills. We showcase exceptional talent across the state, from business, education and government. One of the most important challenges that we face as a nation today is the effort to reduce and eliminate poverty. Pennsylvania is one of the most rural states in the country because it's largely made up of small towns and rural communities. Many families here struggle to make ends meet, and our goal is to break that pattern by instilling a firm sense of financial competency and responsibility in the next generation.














Our goal is to be the leader in K-12 financial literacy and entrepreneurship education


* Availability depends on local sponsorship and current resources.  

Our President and Chairman of the Board, has most graciously agreed to serve in a totally volunteer position, not even an expense report for mileage and more - making him a Pennsylvania Education and PennCFL hero.


This allows PennCFL to provide free stock market challenge games across the entire state.   


We salute you, Mr. Alan W. Dakey!

  • We provide one-on-one, classroom and workshop training to K-12 teachers.*

  • We support local, regional, and statewide competitions in personal finance, and entrepreneurship.

  • We advocate for standardized courses in economics and finance for the inclusion of key economic concepts and personal finance skills at each grade level K-12.

  • We are an advocate and resource for teachers  schools, and local and state governments

Alan W. Dakey
Donna R. Gavitt, M.Ed
Education Consultant
Carolyn A. Shirk
VP of Strategy & Operations
Jennifer Henderson
Educational Management
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