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Returning Teachers - Log-in and click "Join Challenge" on Admin Page.

New Teachers - Click on one of the buttons below to join a challenge.


Lessons, Budget Games & Trading Practice are available immediately. 

Budget Game and Online Learning Program:

  • Fall Semester challenges - open until January 12th

  • Spring Semester challenges- open until May 29th

Investing Game:  practice trades before games reset to $100,000 on start date  

Our BIG Spring Challenge begins Feb. 12th for the Budget & Investing games  

Register for a Challenge

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Personal Budgeting & Investing Challenges

Fall Semester

Budget:  Aug. 1st - Jan. 12th

Investing:  Aug. 28th - Oct. 27th

Budget:  Aug. 1st - Jan. 12th

Investing:  Oct. 30th - Jan. 12th 

Budget:  Aug. 1st - Jan. 12th        Investing:  Oct 9th - Dec 15th 

Spring Semester

Budget:  Aug. 1st - May 31h

Investing:  Jan 29th - Mar. 29th 

Budget:  Aug. 1st - May 31st

Investing :  April 1st - May 31st 

Our Big Spring Game

Budget:  Aug. 1st - May 31st

Investing:  Feb 12th - April 19th

Check to see if your county is sponsored!   

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