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Saving & Investing 

From StockTrak, a world leader in financial learning and simulations, the Personal Finance Lab brings you everything you need to teach financial literacy including saving and investing along with a stock market simulation.  

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Lessons, Assignments & Investing Student Games & Contests with Prizes:


First Semester Programs

                   Each opens Aug 1st & close Jan. 12th 

Competition Dates:

Early Fall - Aug 28th to Oct 27th        

Fall Semester - Oct. 9th to Dec 15th 

Late Fall - Oct 30th - Jan 12th         

Second Semester Programs

           Each opens Aug 1st & close May 30th 

Competition Dates:

Early Spring - Jan 29th to Mar 29th        

Spring Semester - April 1st to May 31st 

Late Spring  - Feb 12th - April 19th 

Our Big Spring Game

Stock Market Challenge:  Feb 12th - April 19

Check to see if your county is sponsored! 

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StockTrak's Personal Finance Curriculum Includes:

* Direct Instruction          * Worksheets
* Technology Based       * Accompanying
   Activities                          Presentations
* Class Discussion           * Assessments
* Full Class Activities        * External Resources
* Individual Activities       * Small Group Activities

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