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Career Readiness

We showcase, some of the work of our partner, StockTrak, a world leader in financial learning and simulations.  The Career Readiness curriculum includes a lesson called "What's After Graduation?"  

StockTrak's Personal Finance Lesson Includes:

* Direct Instruction          * Worksheets
* Technology Based       * Accompanying
   Activities                          Presentations
* Class Discussion           * Assessments
* Full Class Activities        * External Resources
* Individual Activities       * Small Group Activities


Check out the lesson from StockTrak, a world leader in financial learning and simulations.  

Brighter Financial Futures supports PA Career Education & Work Standards 13.3, Section D and Standard 13.4 with Dream-Learn-Pitch.   Check out this lesson.  

 Personal Finance Lab               Dream-Learn-Pitch

The Personal Finance Lab:  Lessons & Assignments,  Student Games & Contests (with Prizes):
-The Budget Game (six contests per year)
-The Stock Market Game (six contests per year)

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