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StockTrak, a world leader in financial learning and simulations presents the Personal Budgeting Game.  Our partnership provides you with a learning platform & a budgeting simulation.  The simulation includes embedded lessons, along with the teacher lessons and curriculum that includes banking, credit, debt, savings, taxes, & more.

The Personal Finance Lab is an all-in-one platform that makes teaching Financial Literacy simple!

Budget and Spending Lesson Plan from StockTrak in the Personal Finance Lab

Personal Budgeting Game
Student Games & Contests with Prizes:


First Semester Programs

Early Fall, Fall Semester & Late Fall

                   Each opens Aug. 1st & close Jan. 10th 


Second Semester Programs

Early Spring, Spring Semester & Late Spring

                   Each opens Aug. 1st & close May 30th 

StockTrak's Personal Finance Curriculum Includes:

* Direct Instruction          * Worksheets
* Technology Based       * Accompanying
   Activities                          Presentations
* Class Discussion           * Assessments
* Full Class Activities        * External Resources
* Individual Activities       * Small Group Activities

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