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Registration for the "All-in-One" Financial Literacy Platform is FREE for Pennsylvania schools & includes:

-The Budget Game (7 contests per year)
-The Stock Market Game (7 contests per year)

*Banking          *Economics
*Taxes              *Interest
*Credit             *Debt
*Savings          *Investing

​                                           Teacher Registration Instructions

1) Click "Register" below (Students DO NOT register) , for the Contest that your students will participate in 

2) Complete "Login Information" 

3) Complete "Registration Information"

  • County: Select your accurate county to access BOTH County & State contests for more prize attempts​

  • Student Username Prefix: Should be the prefix for all student in one class (Example: P1 for Period 1 class)

  • How Many Student Logins: Enter the number of students in the class & the system will generate usernames & passwords

4) Click "Register" and you're ready to begin!

                                                            Contest Divisions

                                    *Prizes awarded for all winning students & teachers in each division

                                    *(7) Stock Market Game contests for each division per year

                                    *(7) Budget Game contests per year (all divisions in the same contest)

Elementary Division (E): Grades 2-6       

Middle School Division (M): Grades 7-8        

High School Division (H): Grades 9-12

  • Each Teacher Registration "assigns" you to one Division based on the Grade Level selection in registration.

  • Create a new Teacher Registration account for each Division (if you have students in more than one division)
  • Use the same Teacher username plus E, M or H (depending on the division) if you need multiple accounts

First Semester Contests

(Open Aug 1st - Jan 13th)

Personal Budget Game Challenge:  one per Stock Market contest

-  Practice a trade immediately after registration & prior to game start

Quarter 1           Stock Market Challenge:  Aug. 29th to Oct. 28th

Assignments:  Online Lessons and Course

Quarter 2:           Stock Market Challenge:  Oct. 31st to Jan. 13th 

Assignments:  Online Lessons and Course


Fall Game:             Stock Market Challenge:  Oct 10th - Dec 16th                                                         Assignments:  Online Lessons and Course

                             Second Semester Contests

                                                    (Open Aug 1st- June 2nd)

Personal Budget Game Challenge: one per Stock Market contest

-  Practice a trade immediately after registration & prior to game start

Quarter 3         Stock Market Challenge:  Jan 30th to Mar. 31st 

                   Assignments:  Online Lessons and Course

Quarter 4:           Stock Market Challenge:  April 3rd to June 2nd 

                           Assignments:  Online Lessons and Course

Spring Game :        The Stock Market Super Bowl!

                                 State & Sponsored County Prizes!

             Stock Market Challenge:  Feb 13th - April 21st

                   Assignments:  Online Lessons and Course


              Check to see if your county is sponsored! 

             Summer Program


Summer:     Full Program - June 12th – Aug 11th  

 Assignments:  Online Lessons and Course



TEACHERS: Want to learn more while earning Act 48 credits?

Register for our FREE Personal Finance Lab teacher workshops.

*Breakfast & Lunch provided

         How To Access the Student Usernames & Passwords

1) Log-in to your Teacher account 

2) Click "Instructor Administration" on the top left

3) Scroll down to view all of the generated student usernames & passwords


  • Edit any student usernames you would like to better match your students

4) Email them to yourself by clicking the "Click Here To Get An Email" hyperlink (above student accounts) 

Students Begin by Logging In  

Photo of QuickLinks Login.JPG

Login can be found at in the header as shown here.   

And we're so excited to announce our new Business program...

Learn more about our new Dream-Learn-Pitch

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