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Investing Challenge

World-class Investing Simulation.  Competition with Prizes.  Full & Quarter Semester Programs.  Learning, Certifications, & More.  All in One Platform.

Our stock market simulation is for elementary, middle, and high school students and rewards over $10,000 in prizes annually!

  • Real-time pricing and portfolio updates

  • Live chat support for both teachers and students

  • Integrated tutorial videos and walkthroughs

Our statewide Stock Market Challenge has flexible dates to meet your classroom's needs.  Practice trading begins immediately after registration, anytime after August 1st. 


Early Fall Quarter Semester:   

-  Aug. 26th - Oct. 25th

-  Practice Trading:  Aug. 1st - Aug. 23rd

Late Fall Quarter Semester: 

-  Oct. 28th - Jan. 10th 

-  Practice Trading:  Aug. 1st - Oct. 25th


Fall Semester:

-  Oct. 7th - Dec. 13th

-  Practice Trading:  Aug. 1st - Oct. 4th

Early Spring Challenge/Quarter Semester: 

-  Jan. 27th - Mar. 28th 

-  Practice Trading:  Aug. 1st - Jan. 24th

Late Spring Challenge/Quarter Semester: 

-  March 31st - May 30th 

-  Practice Trading:  Aug. 1st - March 28th

Spring Challenge/Full Semester:

-    Feb. 10th - April 18th

-    Practice Trading:  Aug. 1st - Feb. 7th

Investing Challenge

Each challenge includes Elementary School: Grades 1-6,  Middle School: Grades 7-8, · High School: Grades 9-12

Game Basics: 

  • Starting Cash: $100,000.00 

  • Stocks, EFTs, Mutual Funds, Bonds and Options

  • Minimum Buy Price: $5.00

  • Commission Fee: $10.00 

  • Four Stocks Minimum - Maximum of 25% in One

  • Interest on Cash Balance: 3%

  • Short Selling and Margin Trading Allowed 

  • Margin Trading Allowed

  • Interest on Margin Accounts (borrowing) - 8%

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The competitions and programs are both fun and educational, allowing students to gain hands-on experience while learning to save and invest in the stock market. The stock market program teaches students and teachers how to invest in stocks, make stock market trades, analyze markets, and build stock market portfolios while competing with other students.  


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