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Guidelines for Presentation Challenge Judging

Male Speaker

Here is some basic information to help you prepare:

  • Students have up to five minutes for their presentation

  • Judges have up to five minutes for questions

  • You may use technology but you only have 2 minutes max to set it up, so please come prepared and before your presentation, make sure you are viable.  We will have a laptop and an internet connection for you, with PowerPoint View Only loaded.  Please access your data with a thumb drive or internet access. 


While this event is to be as real life as possible (rubric free), again, we have created guidelines that can be download.  This provides better expectations for you and your students.  It also helps the judges.


A breakfast snack will be provided in addition to a nice lunch.  Everything is free. 


Students at each school will be given $10,000 (fake money) to invest in other teams, and that will create a second competition for what we call the Student Investment/Choice Award.  The team with the most money wins an additional prize.


Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Thank you for your patience. 



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