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Centre and Clinton County Regional
Dream-Learn-Pitch Competition

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Sponsored by ProAct, Ltd

Allan Darr, President

ProAct LTD serves a global market as an OEM medtech developer and manufacturer.  Their products are sold by large corporations under their label.  ProAct plays an important role in their field, but has a very low profile globally and locally.  We're honored to work with Allan Darr and his team.  

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Our programs expose middle and high school students to the world of entrepreneurship and small business. Anyone can read a book about entrepreneurship - we want students to experience it instead! Through experiential learning, we emphasize critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, flexibility, resilience, a growth mindset and the ability to manage risk and uncertainty – attributes also integral to STEM endeavors.

All Centre and Clinton County schools

are invited to participate in regional competitions.

The Centre and Clinton County


ProAct Challenge

First Place - Chromebook for Student, $100 teacher

Second Place - $75 student, $50 teacher

Third Place - $50 student, $30 teacher

*One prize per school. Teams share prizes. 

Chromebook can be substituted for monetary prizes

Sponsored Schools

The public and private schools that are invited to participate are those in Centre, Clinton, Montour, Northumberland, Upper Dauphin, Union, and Snyder Counties.

If you are ready to create a sponsorship relationship which exceeds your goals and gives you the chance to become a part of our growing, passionate organization, contact us at or call 570-975-5149.

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