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A Case for Financial Literacy


Many young people today are burdened with substantial credit card and student loan debt while working in jobs that don't align with their college education or fail to cover essential living expenses and savings needs.


Credit Card & Savings Statistics:

  • 76% of millennials lack financial literacy.

  • 49% of Americans rely on credit cards to cover essential living expenses.

  • 95% of millennials are saving less than the recommended amount, affecting their retirement age and quality of life.

  • 66% of millennials have zero retirement savings.

  • 69% of households have less than $1,000 in emergency savings.

College & Student Loan Statistics:

  • Student loans rank as the second-largest consumer-generated debt after mortgages.

  • 40% of people with student loans did not finish school or receive a degree.

  • 43% of student borrowers are not making their loan payments.

  • Over 50% of those with student loans worry about their ability to repay them.

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